Print Center, NYC, Jordan Schnitzer Gallery

Inaugural opening October 8th, 2022

Jess's next show is Friday, October 3rd, 2022! Print Center New York opens its new, ground floor home at 535 West 24th Street to the public on October 8. The inaugural exhibition, Visual Record: The Materiality of Sound in Print, on view in the Jordan Schnitzer Gallery, includes works in a range of media by 15 artists, including Terry Adkins, John Cage, Jess Rowland, Bethany Collins, Glenn Ligon, Christian Marclay, Dario Robleto, and Audra Wolowiec, among others, and will be on view through January 21, 2023.

Print Museum NYC

Opens Oct 8th, 2022: Print Center NYC Exhibition featuring "The Materiality of Sound in Print"

Princeton Museum

Reveal Party, an interactive sound installation at Princeton University. The exhibit space becomes one large connected audio circuit.

Hood Museum

The Other Side of Air: Notations for Interactive Circuitry: Part of the Resonant Spaces Exhibit at the Hood Museum, Dartmouth.

Jess Rowland

Jess Rowland is a sound artist, musician, and composer, and a 2018-20 Princeton Arts Fellow. Much of her work explores the relationship between technologies and popular culture, continually aiming to reconcile the world of art and the world of science.

Jess Rowland

Sound Artist, Musician, Composer, Author.

Jess’ work explores the relationship between technologies, popular culture and other absurdities, investigating “the weirdness of reality and how we all deal with it”.

Recent Projects


Here are several releases where you can find my music.


Jess Rowland is available for performance and art commissions.