Jess Rowland is currently represented by Edgetone Records.

Her latest release, Spambots, can be found here at Edgetone Records:spamcover

“‘Spambots’ is hallucinogenic enough on its own, no drugs required. Interesting in small doses, unpredictable when swallowed whole.”
Steve Mecca – Chain D.L.K.

Here’s a the music video for “Plastoglomerate” from the Spambots release:

Other releases:

The Endless Fall of the Infallible See, on Edgetone Records:

“Dizzying both in scope and in ideas, The Endless Fall of the Infallible See (and the Future Imagery Architecture) is one the year’s best records and certainly one of the most daring.  Jess Rowland mines many genres and intellectual sacred cows, and blends and shreds until she creates from them her own whimsical nightmares.”

-Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis

The Problem with the Soda Machine
The Shape of Poison (Music for Dance, Live)
Scenes From the Silent Revolution
The Lifeboat Is On Fire